dr rich allenDr Rich Allen is a highly regarded educator and master trainer with more than 30 years experience working with teachers. Founder and President of Green Light Education, he is the author of many popular books in the field of education, including: Green Light Classrooms, High-Impact Teaching in the XYZ Era of Education, TrainSmart: Effective Trainings Every Time, High Five Teaching and most recently U-Turn Teaching and The Rock ‘n Roll Classroom. He has taken his dynamic teaching strategies beyond the United States to such diverse countries as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Russia, Jordan, and Brazil. Dr. Allen is also a popular keynote speaker at international education conferences and works with schools and school districts to embed effective teaching methods into mainstream curriculum.
Dr. Allen completed his doctorate in educational psychology at Arizona State University, where he studied how the human brain receives, processes, and recalls information—knowledge that informs all aspects of his teaching strategies. The author divides his time between his home in the US Virgin Islands on the sun-kissed paradise of St Croix, and his wife’s home in Sydney, Australia, where he is learning to be a step-Dad to two amazing young women.

dr rich allenAlison Crofton is a skilled and dedicated practitioner with a genuine passion for teaching and learning. Her passion has and always will be supporting students to believe in themselves and feel good about who they are. Her belief is that cultivating this high level of self worth and self compassion will lead to positive classroom outcomes and the highest possible academic outcomes while diminishing stress and anxiety that can be felt by students and teachers. Students in her classrooms learn about kindness and compassion towards self and others as the foundation for learning and life. It is Alison’s ambition to support other teachers see the benefit of and commit to integrating these values into everyday teaching with minimal effort and amazing results.

Throughout her teaching career Alison has empowered teachers to reignite their love and joy for teaching by providing tips to reduce stress, regardless of circumstances, and find peace within. She believes this is something we can all work on for our own benefit and for the benefit of the children we teach. It is Alison’s vision to see classrooms full of joy and inspiration with nourished teachers leading the way.

Alison has over 20 years of teaching experience (K-6) in a variety of roles and settings. Along with a Bachelor of Education qualification (1998), Alison also completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) in 2013

wadeWade Fairclough is a Science Teacher of both senior and junior students at one of Sydney’s largest high schools.

He assisted in the establishment of the Rite of Passage Boys’ Program within the school which aims to re-engage and support at-risk boys. Through the program, the team has conducted overnight camps, treks and Challenges to help develop resilience, self-esteem and encourage positive masculinity. The program runs physical challenges that last between six to twenty-four hours with ex-special forces operatives to develop self-awareness in the boys.

Wade has worked as the coordinator of the Student Representative Council assisting in in developing welfare and fundraising initiatives throughout the school and community. He has assisted with a number of welfare initiative to help raise $19,000 for charities.

He liases with students, classroom teachers, school counsellors, and senior executive members to determine the most appropriate course of action to help individual students at risk and has created resources to assist parents in developing positive skills for their children.

Wade has formed partnerships between major home entertainment outlets, charities, and school executive members to assist disadvantaged students continue with their studies.

He is a Qualified Rock & Water Instructor which is a psycho-physical social competency training program. Wade presented at the Transitional Adviser Training for Robert Lawson at the State Office in Senior Pathways.

davidDavid Hornsby worked with the Victorian Ministry of Education for 28 years and taught at every year level from Prep to Year 6. During that time, he also lectured at La Trobe University, the University of Melbourne, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

For 4 years, he was an education department curriculum consultant in primary and secondary schools and then returned to the primary classroom. He was the principal of Ringwood Heights Primary School for 5 years.

David now works full-time as a private education consultant in schools and also maintains his link with La Trobe University in Melbourne.

David is invited to work with teachers and to present at conferences both interstate and overseas. He has completed many lecture tours of the United States and the United Kingdom, and has also worked with teachers in Indonesia, New Zealand and Singapore & Beijing. In 2008 David presented at the World Congress (International Reading Association conference) in Costa Rica. In 2011 David presented at the European Reading Conference in Belgium.

David has written and co-authored many books and and two CD ROM series.

ianDr Ian Lillico (father of three sons) is a former High School Principal and international consultant in gender, boys' education and middle schooling. He has done action research in gender throughout Australia and New Zealand from 1992 and in the Northern Hemisphere during his Churchill Fellowship in 2000. He has been with the Education Department of WA for 31 years and has held the positions of Teacher, Head of Department, Deputy Principal and Principal.

Ian is the founder and Executive Director of the Boys Forward Institute and CEO of the newly formed Foundation for Educational Digital Development (FEDD). He has a PhD in Education, is a National Fellow and Life Member of The Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) and was the ACEL 2006 National Travelling Scholar. Ian is on the academic staff of Edith Cowan University (Perth) where he works for the Faculty of Education supervising trainee teachers. He now provides professional development for teachers, parents, students and a host of other organizations throughout Australia and internationally.

kath_murdochKath Murdoch is an experienced teacher, author, university lecturer and popular consultant who has worked for many years in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, America and Europe. She is widely respected for her work in the field of inquiry based learning and integrative curriculum in which she has taught, researched and published for well over 20 years.

Kath began her professional life as a classroom teacher in Melbourne. Her fascination in how students' constructed their understandings – and her interest in the way questions and big ideas could drive curriculum soon lead to a passion for integrative and inquiry based methodologies. This passion has become a career long focus for teaching, research and writing and the methodologies in which Kath specialises are now central to curriculum frameworks in many parts of the world – including the popular Baccalaureate, PYP program.

Critical to Kath's success is her continued involvement in classroom teaching. Whether it is to demonstrate techniques, coach teachers or build her own repertoire of practices, Kath is committed to regular and ongoing work with students. Her classroom work and research feeds a dynamic and ever-evolving expertise in the area of integrative and inquiry-based learning. Kath's style is refreshingly practical, inclusive and always connected to the real world of teaching.

richard pedley sRichard Pedley-Smith began his career as a classroom teacher and outdoor education coordinator for an Emotional & Behavioural Disorder Unit in West London and for the past 15 years has worked at one of Sydney’s largest high schools teaching Senior PDHPE.

In the course of his work he became concerned about the level of educational disengagement and emotional detachment in some boys and began looking for ways to address this issue. He established and coordinates the successful Rite of Passage Boys’ Program within the school which aims to re-engage and support at-risk boys. Now in its fourth year the program includes overnight camps, treks and Challenges to help develop resilience, self-esteem and encourage positive masculinity. The program runs physical challenges that last between six to twenty-four hours with ex-special forces operatives to develop self-awareness in the boys. Through this he established a parent/student dinner where the students in the program cook a full three-course dinner for parents, senior exec and members of the P&C where they then sit and converse with the adults.

He has implemented numerous welfare and whole school initiatives that have led the school community to raise over $19,000 for the Commando Welfare Trust and for villages along the Kokoda Track.

Richard presents to both parents and schools on how to engage and communicate effectively with teenage boys.

Richard was Highly Commended in the Henry Dunant Humanitarian Award. This is the highest award of the Red Cross Movement and recognises outstanding service and acts of great devotion.

billDr Bill Rogers is an education consultant. A teacher by profession, Bill now lectures widely on discipline and behaviour management issues; classroom management; stress and teaching; colleague support; developing peer-support programs for teachers and developing community-oriented policies for behaviour management, based on whole-school approaches.

He works in every area of education (primary, post-primary and tertiary) conducting in-service programs and seminars for teachers and support staff, lecturing widely at Colleges of Education, Universities and schools, working with parent groups and students in schools.

His work is known especially for his commitment to a skills-based approach to discipline and behaviour management and the emphasis on a colleague support focus across the school for the development, and maintenance, of positive behaviours within a rights, responsibility, rules focus.

Bill has published numerous books in Australia and the United Kingdom and continues his work as a visiting professor at universities across Europe and the UK.


In 2017, Deb Sukarna moved to full time Education Consultancy after 13 years at Ivanhoe Grammar School, in roles which included, Deputy Principal, Head of Plenty Campus Prep – Year 12 and Head of Buckley House ELC – Year 6. 

Deb has worked extensively with individual schools across Australia and overseas. She has been a leading educator for 35 years and has presented professional development programs for State, Catholic and Independent schools. As well as presenting professional development sessions, she relishes creating professional learning programs with school leadership teams and working alongside teachers and students to model practice in classrooms.

Deb has presented for School Districts in the United States and was Principal of a Bilingual Balinese Community School in Indonesia. Deb has taught English to on arrival refugees and led an IB Teaching Project in Cambodia training student teachers at schools in the Kandal Province.  She has co-authored a number of books on literacy education.  In 2011 Deb was the recipient of the Australian Council of Educational Leadership, Hedley Beare Educator of the Year Award for Victoria and received a Fellowship in Leadership from ACEL in 2014.