ianDr Ian Lillico (father of three sons) is a former High School Principal and international consultant in gender, boys' education and middle schooling. He has done action research in gender throughout Australia and New Zealand from 1992 and in the Northern Hemisphere during his Churchill Fellowship in 2000. He has been with the Education Department of WA for 31 years and has held the positions of Teacher, Head of Department, Deputy Principal and Principal.

Ian is the founder and Executive Director of the Boys Forward Institute and CEO of the newly formed Foundation for Educational Digital Development (FEDD). He has a PhD in Education, is a National Fellow and Life Member of The Australian Council of Educational Leaders (ACEL) and was the ACEL 2006 National Travelling Scholar. Ian is on the academic staff of Edith Cowan University (Perth) where he works for the Faculty of Education supervising trainee teachers. He now provides professional development for teachers, parents, students and a host of other organizations throughout Australia and internationally.