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What a refreshing session for teachers! Ian was totally practical in all suggestions, and the day although packed full of great information ended all too quickly. A MUST for ALL teachers!

Ian Lillico's presentation to our teaching staff on Boys' Education was nothing short of excellent. Ian succinctly defined the needs of boys today in our education system, and, more importantly, energetically challenged us to critique our current practices.

What an enlightening workshop! Ian Lillico demonstrated how a whole school approach to educating boys is not only desirable, but very possible. Ian was believable because he spoke from experience, and from the heart. While passionate about the need to improve the learning for boys within our schools, Ian also clearly indicated that girls would also benefit by many of the recommendations and strategies he outlined.

Great presenter, excellent knowledge, well-paced and engaging

Extremely engaging and enjoyable seminar.

Ian is outstanding! Thank you for such an engaging and informative seminar. I found it so helpful for my teaching practice and professional learning.

Fantastic – great speaker, so knowledgeable, great information, spoke so well, entertaining. I go so much out of this seminar professionally and personally.

Fantastic knowledge base – was so informative and answered all questions with a wealth of knowledge. Sense of humour was great with such a serious topic.

Excellent presentation filled with lots of factual, scientific and practical knowledge and strategies. Very engaging and inspiring. Definitely want another workshop so that more teachers from my school can attend.

Excellent. Best PD course I've ever attended! The presentation was immensely insightful and helpful. Dr Lillico was very engaging and knowledgeable.

I'm in awe of your depth of knowledge in all the areas covered in the seminar. Thank you for your enlightening lecture.

Thank you for an amazing presentation today. I felt inspired and motivated to go and implement strategies for my students.

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