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Awesome! Inspiring! Caring! Thoughtful! Dynamic! Interested in my needs! Modelled the approach in her own presentation! Responsive to our needs! YAY!

Wow! Now when I read your books I have a voice for the words and a visual to help me connect even more to the content. Thank you for raising the fundamental elements of the inquiry process in my consciousness and helping me on my journey as an inquiry based and inquiring teacher.

Very engaging and stimulating. Ready to take on this exciting challenge!

Thank you for your varied and energetic presentation. I liked the fact that the visual aids were great and we saw samples of other schools.

Fantastic, informative, fun, stimulating, enriching and so helpful!

An excellent, fun and engaging two day course with colleagues. I feel more confident in my approach to IBL.

An excellent balance of activities. Really modelled inquiry approach. Great handout. Visual aids very useful. Very practical, will be able to apply in classroom.

Awesome 2 days – thank you for your energy, knowledge and enthusiasm. I feel a lot of 'grey' areas surrounding inquiry have been addressed.

Kath was a wealth of knowledge. She delivered her information to us in an amazing way to help us understand inquiry learning. A fantastic presenter.

Wonderful presentation – very insightful! Thank you!

Thank you so much Kath for a thought provoking stimulating seminar. I loved your presentation style ... I was engaged at all times and I'm now excited about taking some of these ideas back to school.

Very inspiring for me as a new teacher finding my way. Thank you for your insight into inquiry learning. I'm excited about trying to create an inquiry learning environment in my classroom.

A very valuable learning experience. I am inspired and challenged to transform my pedagogical thinking and practice. My curiosity has been provoked and I'm keen to find out more!

Highly engaging presenter and presentation. As a keen advocate of inquiry-based approaches in the classroom I am looking forward to putting the practical strategies into practice! Thank you.

Fabulous Kath ... totally met my expectations. Would've liked to have another day!!! Sharing the passion!!

An excellent conference! I will go home feeling much more confident in being an 'inquiry teacher'.

A fantastically informative and engaging workshop. It was exactly what I was looking for!

A great course – I had many light bulb moments where I connected back to how this could happen in my classroom.

Thank you Kath for filling up some of the gaps for me. You are always so inspiring and knowledgeable. I'm starting to feel it in my belly!

Thanks Kath, your presentation style, humour and great snippets of sarcasm are appreciated. It's nice to listen to a presenter who is still really in touch with what is happening at the coal face.

Amazing! Energetic and 'real' – down to earth. Kath is an inspiration. Thank you!

Fantastic! Kath was really enthusiastic and excited to share her knowledge. I loved that she altered day 2 to accommodate our needs/interests.

Thank you, this has cleared heaps of stuff in my mind. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you are a great presenter.

Great presentation ... I love your enthusiasm and passion and hope to become a more 'inquiry based' teacher.

Warm, approachable and inspirational!

I thank God for your brain!

Wow! What a fabulously engaging 2 days of professional learning! The time flew because we were active, engaged learners. Thank you for so many practical ideas that we can begin implementing tomorrow.

Incredible! Very inspiring workshop with fantastic and practical ideas.

The best PD ever! Practical, engaging and worthwhile. I'm excited to get back into the classroom and give it all a go!

This seminar was the best I have been too. I feel inspired and excited about teaching again!

Lots of fantastic energy, thought-provoking ideas, examples, questions, "brain-hurting' moments and laughs!

What an amazing, inspiring presenter. So much knowledge!

Awesome! Amazing! Fabulous! Refreshing!! Relevant!! I learnt so much information that I can't wait to share with my fellow colleagues and start to implement in the classroom.

FANTASTIC, Kath was challenging, motivating and passionate – great skills.

Kath, your energy, positivity and passion are always inspiring!

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