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Conversations with Dr Rogers

In this series of interviews with Dr Rogers we discuss specific topics in depth:

  • New Class, New Year – the establishment phase of behaviour management
  • The Language of Encouragement –enabling a child’s confidence and ‘courage’ as a learner
  • Filling Your Toolbox – equipping teachers with tactical tools for managing behaviour in the classroom
  • Behaviour Management in the Playground – a whole-school approach to duty-of-care in non-classroom contexts

Each interview will be 1.5 hours in length. 

Cracking the Hard Class e-Book

‘In Cracking the Hard Class, the undisputed master of behaviour management, Bill Rogers, shows us that being an effective teacher can be developed through a series of specific skills and learned actions. It’s one of the most useful books around for new teachers! If you can catch him live at one of his face-to-face seminars, you’re in for a real treat. This practical approach from a writer who has clearly retained a foot in the classroom is the one that works best for me’ – Geoff Barton, The Times Education Supplement ‘

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