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Dr Rich was so entertaining and engaging. Wonderful strategies for engagement – look forward to using these with my students. Music was fabulous!

Highly engaging and fun with countless useful strategies and ideas to adapt, adjust and apply? Thank you! Amazing! Awesome! Invigorating!

Excellent and dynamic presentation. Thank you so much Rich for a wonderful day with so much important information. I will definitely use these strategies.
Fantastic! Brilliant presentation and I would highly recommend it.

Very knowledgeable. I find the best way to learn is by doing and that’s what happened! Good to see it happening in practice 😊 I was very ENGAGED the whole day!

Super engaging! The strategies presented will be useful when applied and adapted to my music classroom.

Fantastic presentation. Super engaged! Reaffirming by ideas about drama in the classroom. Great ideas I can take back to school.

Love the ways Rich delivered this course. It’s eye opening. I’ve learnt so much teaching tricks in such a short time. I’ll definitely apply then when I return to school.

Great ideas and presentation style. You really do have a passion for teaching!

Very entertaining. Suzanne, keep promoting such worthwhile courses.

Excellent and relevant. Strong applicable take aways. Thank you.

One, if not the most engaging presenter. Really enjoyable and informative as well as practical. Thank you! A wonderful, very informative and engaging day!

What an uplifting session – learnt so much and will be using on Monday!

Fantastic seminar! Loved the content and the energy it was delivered with. Will definitely be using many of these strategies in my classroom.

Well presented and inspiring. True to term ‘dynamic’

Infectious! Surprisingly relevant.

You rock! Thank you for recognising that students learn better by being actively involved and spreading the message. Keep it up!

Thank you for teaching through showing us the value of a dynamic classroom! Thought of my little people’s smiles all the way through!

WOW!! Thank you! So dynamic and fun-filled😊 A PD FULL of tools to use and relevant ideas is refreshing.

Rich was amazing! So much knowledge and energy. Full of good ides and so engaging too!

Engaging, informative, fun … So much knowledge and presented in a way that is easily transferrable to the classroom.

Great presentation. Has given me so much to think about ever after 45 years in the classroom. So much to try out.


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