Behaviour Management in the Primary Classroom

A Seminar for Primary Teachers

Presented by Dr Bill Rogers

This seminar will provide strategies for developing a positive approach to behaviour leadership and discipline with the primary classroom.

During this highly informative day Dr Rogers will address the following topics:

1. Core and Essential Practices of Behaviour Management

These core practices and skills emphasise the way we interact (as teacher-leaders) with our students to enable their awareness of, and ownership and responsibility for, their behaviour. Special emphasis will be given (and demonstrated) as to why, and how, we use certain forms of language cueing; particularly when we have to address more challenging behaviour.

2. Behaviour Expectations and Routines

Dr Rogers will provide a framework for clear behaviour expectations and routines to enable a safe, supportive, respectful social/learning community at the classroom level and in the wider school context. The particular approach of a classroom behaviour agreement (grade by grade) will be explored based on essential rights and responsibilities.

3. Behaviour Consequences

The issue of behaviour consequences will be addressed including the safe and respectful use of time-out. Particular attention will be paid to restorative practice from behaviour conversations / behaviour consequences / accountability conferences (say in a bully/victim context).

4. Behaviour Support

The issue of behaviour support will emphasise the need to work with our high-risk students who display on-going patterns of distracting/disruptive and challenging and unsafe behaviours. Emphasis will be given to the crucial importance of individual behaviour support plans within a whole-school model. Case examples will be shown as to how to establish, monitor and maintain such plans and programmes.

5. Colleague Support

A core feature of any enabling and meaningful behaviour policy and practice is the need for colleague support. This axiomatic factor of our professional collegial life will be noted throughout the day’s presentation.

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Seminar Program

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Seminar 8.15am – 2.30pm